Life Purpose Readings
by Sue Annabrooke Jones

Order Your Life Purpose Reading

Turnaround Time on Readings is currently:  3-5 business days

Ordering Instructions

There is no cost for the Life Purpose Reading. I offer these readings as my path of service. However, I am under no obligation to do a reading for you. If I suspect insincerity, disrespect or dishonesty on your part, I will not read for you.

The Life Purpose Reading is sent to you in written report form, as an email attachment, in PDF format. It opens with Adobe Reader or Microsoft Edge.

Again, the Life Purpose Reading is not a career path reading. It might pinpoint a field or industry for which you are suited or address your marketable skills in some way. But not necessarily. It all depends on what you are here on this Earth to achieve.

Please follow these easy steps:

1. Email me at to request your reading. Please state why you want a Life Purpose Reading, in 3 sentences or less. No need to convince me, just speak honestly from the heart.

2. By requesting a reading, you certify that you are at least 18 years of age.

I check my email frequently, you will hear back from me shortly.