Life Purpose Readings

by Sue Annabrooke Jones
Gifted Intuitive, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister

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Get that higher perspective you need and deserve!

A Life Purpose Reading reveals which lessons you are here to learn, which abilities
you are here to acquire or express, and more. It can give you a whole new
understanding of yourself, one that attracts more peace and joy into your life.
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      The question "What is the meaning and purpose of life?" is usually regarded as a laughably unanswerable one.

      But this question is answerable by a psychic who can attune to a set of specific spiritual frequencies surrounding a soul's life lesson plan (life mission, soul agenda, etc.) I have the ability to do this.

How the Life Purpose Reading
is Performed

      After calling on your spirit guides and mine, I dictate what I see into a Life Purpose Reading. I then send it as an email attachment to my client, usually within 1-2 days.

      This Life Purpose Reading is not a past life reading, it pertains to this life, more specifically to the overall arc of a person's adult life.

About Life's Purposes

      Many people regard their job as their life purpose. But each of us is here on Earth to fulfill a deeper spiritual purpose  — or more accurately purposeS, because nearly all of us have multiple purposes. The Life Purpose Readings I do reveal these purposes.

      From the standpoint of the soul and its purposes, life is as much about learning and becoming as it is about doing, because the overall purpose of life is to expand one's consciousness.

      Expanding consciousness implies mastering spiritual virtues (like patience, compassion, and forgiveness); learning important lessons; acquiring new awarenesses (or building on existing ones); and grasping ever-higher spiritual principles and truths.

This Is Not a Career Path
Reading, But ...

      Again, life's purposes are as much about learning and becoming as doing. But work- and skill-related themes do crop up frequently in the Life Purpose Readings, so you might find that the reading gives you career advice indirectly.

      It all depends on what comes up for you. I can tell you that most of the Life Purpose Readings I do call for both inner expansion and outward expression.

Benefits of the Life Purpose Reading

      When you understand your life purposes, you can begin to cooperate with them, saving yourself needless confusion, frustration, and suffering. You can then go forward "on purpose" and experience more confidence, joy and peace in your life.

      Knowledge is power, and knowing which strengths you are here to develop can bring your life into sharper focus, making your time here on Earth richer and more meaningful.

      A Life Purpose Reading may help you to shift quickly into a new understanding that helps you get through a difficult situation.

      You might also find that the Life Purpose Reading answers a puzzling question or explains why certain situations in your life keep repeating themselves.

      You may find that your Life Purpose Reading tells you what you need to know to get a handle on your energies, or to get to the next step. It might even give you the energy you need to steer your life in a different direction or even reinvent yourself, if that's what you want to do.

      Understanding your life purposes might help you to see your past experiences, even hurtful ones, in a whole new light.

      Another benefit of a Life Purpose Reading is that we often view other people's actions from the perspective of our own involvement with life. Realizing that each person has his or her own soul agenda helps us move beyond the one-size-fits-all mentality so common in our culture. Understanding that other people's issues and experiences can flow from their unique set of magnetic life purposes allows us to relate to them in more accepting ways.

      What the Life Purpose Reading can do for you all depends on who you are, who you want to become, and what comes up for you in the reading. You can read what some of my clients say their Life Purpose Readings have done for them. But your Life Purpose Reading will energize you in whatever way is right for you, You are, after all, a unique spark of Divine Creation.

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Old soul, new life lesson plan

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What I Will Need From You

      You must be 18 years of age or older to receive a Life Purpose Reading.

      I will need your name, email address, and a "hello email" from you so I can connect directly with your energy. I will never share your name, email address, or any other info you give me with anyone for any reason.
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Cost for the Life Purpose Reading:  $50

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September 2014

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