Life Purpose Readings

Readings That Help You Understand Your Purpose in Life


"Get that higher perspective you need and deserve, with a Life Purpose Reading"

Sue Annabrooke Jones

Metaphysical Minister, Gifted Psychic-Intuitive, Life Purpose Specialist
The Life Purpose Reading reveals which lessons you are here to learn, which abilities you need to acquire or express, and more. It can give you a whole new understanding of yourself and your life.

What is the Meaning and Purpose of Life?

What is My Life Purpose?

These are great questions, and they are answerable by a psychic-intuitive who can attune to the spiritual frequencies surrounding a soul's life lesson plan (life mission, sacred contract, soul agenda, etc.). I have the natural ability to do this and am an experienced life purpose psychic.

The Life Purpose Reading I offer is not a past life reading, it pertains to this life. It addresses both your current life and your adult life overall.

About Life's Purposes

Many people regard their occupation as their life purpose. But each of us is here on Earth to fulfill a higher spiritual purpose — or more accurately purposeS, as nearly all of us have multiple reasons for being here. The Life Purpose Reading reveals these purposes.

From the standpoint of the soul and its purposes, life is as much about learning and becoming as it is about doing, because the overall purpose of life is to expand our consciousness. This means, among other things, mastering spiritual virtues (like patience, compassion, and understanding); learning important lessons; acquiring new awarenesses (or building on existing ones); and demonstrating important truths and principles.

This Is Not a Career Path Reading, But...

Work- and skill-related themes crop up frequently in the Life Purpose Readings, so you may find that your Life Purpose Reading gives you career advice, directly or indirectly. It all depends on what comes up for you. Most of the Life Purpose Readings I do call for both inner expansion and outward expression.

Benefits of a Life Purpose Reading

When you understand your life purposes, you can begin to cooperate with them, saving yourself needless confusion and frustration. You can move forward "on purpose" and experience more confidence, joy and peace in your life.

Knowledge is power, and knowing which strengths you are here to develop can bring your life into sharper focus, making your short time here on Earth richer and more meaningful.

Understanding your life purposes might help you to see your past experiences, even painful ones, in a whole new light.

Your Life Purpose Reading may tell you what you need to know to manage your energies better or to understand the next step on your path.

You might also find that the Life Purpose Reading answers a puzzling question or explains why certain situations in your life keep repeating themselves.

A Life Purpose Reading may give you the understanding you need to get through a difficult situation.

Another advantage of a Life Purpose Reading is that we often view other people's actions from the perspective of our own involvement with life. Realizing that others have their own unique set of soul purposes allows us to relate to them in less judgmental, more accepting ways.

What the Life Purpose Reading can do for you all depends on who you are, what purposes you are here to fulfill, and what comes up for you in the reading. You can read what some of my clients have said about their Life Purpose Readings. But your Life Purpose Reading will energize you in whatever way is right for you. You are, after all, a unique spark of Divine Creation.

Cost of the Life Purpose Reading:  $60

Meet the Life Purpose Psychic

I'm Sue Annabrooke Jones, life purpose specialist, gifted psychic-intuitive, metaphysical minister, certified life coach, and meditation teacher.

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I received my training as a life purpose specialist under the guidance of an Ascended Master:  through private study of metaphysics, philosophy, and world religions, followed by a full course of esoteric studies through Astara (a modern-day mystery school), then through further private instruction.

As a life purpose specialist, I help individuals discover their unique purposes in life, so they can go forward with greater clarity, strength, peace, confidence, and joy.

Whether you're just curious about your life purposes or centered on self-mastery, I look forward to doing a Life Purpose Reading for you.

My Promises to You

In preparing your Life Purpose Reading, I will tell you the truth, not what I think you want to hear.

I will not use the Life Purpose Reading to attempt to steer you into a life coaching program or any other scheme.

I will never share your name or any other information you provide with anyone for any reason. You will not be placed on any mailing list, not even my own.

You must be at least 18 years of age to order a Life Purpose Reading.

The Life Purpose Reading empowers you to work effectively with shaping your destiny. It's the right tool for the right job.

Updated:  February 2016